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August 19, 2010 / epwac

Getting snow on the Leopard

I received my copy of the Snow Leopard back in February, as I recall it, but kept it shelved until now.

Trying to keep my production running, I decided to buy an iMac – it would double as our kitchen computer later on – and do an initial setup on that.

iMac setup

I googled a recipe by Hugo Frappier which got me of to a good start.

As to the ‘auto’ launching I tried it out but somehow it makes it very close to impossible to stop/start at will – so when I installed on my Macbook Pro, I left this step out, effectively leaving me with mysql.server start/stop at the prompt!

An upgraded MySQLpref.pane surely would come in handy, but I’m yet to discover that 🙂

Macbook Pro setup

Finally I was about to be ready to do what I originally set out to do – getting ‘snow’ on my Macbook Pro Leopard.

To that end, I tried to stay with a recipe which I googled to find at I’m a happy Carbon Copy Cloner user so I skipped the SuperDuper install, but that issue aside, I stayed close to the recipe, until item 8, where all hell broke loose.

To be precise, I kept with item 8 through 14 – but everytime the installer informed me that the installer was not able to continue with installing Snow Leopard to this drive. I was stumped and baffled, tried to remove the partition, recreating it and erasing it over and over. I reboot’ed 2-3 times – with and without the DVD. On the verge of giving in and restoring my original backup of Leopard, I went for the Snow Leopard DVD I purchased back in February! Until now I’d been trying with the media accompanying the iMac. Heureka!

From there onwards it was – again – a walk in the park. I departed with the recipe at item 18 and switched to another recipe by Hugo Frappier.


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